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Blue Nile Consulting is a Boutique Business Consultancy
We work with a variety of business owners from within and outside of the food industry. 

We'll help you

  • ​Take back your valuable time with process-enhancing tools

  • Built out the ultimate Ai-driven SOPs platform so you can properly train and retain your staff

  • Create memorable, rave-worthy products

  • Create memorable branding​ to help you grab customer attention and brand loyalty

Our Happy Clients

​“Logan took the restaurant kitchen and turned it into a manageable operation, within weeks she had operation manuals and systems in place, organizing staff and putting new flare to the menus. What a pleasure it was learning and working with her.”

Ash Farrelly, Owner, The George Street Diner



Increase productivity with our services and vetted resources

Time-saving, cost-focused, process-oriented tools to get your company on track to spend less and make more.

Branding Services
Create a brand worth noticing

Compelling branding speaks to your core audience by building rapport, trust, and brand loyalty. With today's use of social media, your brand can't afford to get lost in the noise of fast scrolling, split-second attention spans. Our team of cross-media designers can help you meet those needs

Company & Product Branding
Product Packaging

Menu Design
Sell Sheets
Catalog Creation
Meet Our Designers

We've assembled an A-list team of Pacific Northwest designers that bring their unique talents to your next design projects to help your brand stand out, speak to your target market and win you the sales you deserve.  


Dusty Rockets


Amy Davies


Logan Niles

View Logan's Work

Chef Logan Niles

With a passion for product ideation, R&D work, and design Chef Logan originally created Blue Nile Consulting in 2008. BNC's goal is to help shorten the learning curve for startup and established food businesses while bringing fresh ideas to established companies by leveraging cutting-edge technology to improve performance and growth. 

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Photo credit: Amy Davies

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