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Blue Nile Consulting is a Boutique Culinary & Business Consultancy for Passionate, Busy Business Owners

Our ideal clients love food and being in the food industry or are climbing to get higher within their respective industries. We also work with startups that dream of owning their own business but are overwhelmed by all the balls they need to get into the air to succeed. Clients may have it all locked and loaded, or they're struggling. Our goal is to help lift that heavy load by working tried and true processes into their operation to make running their businesses a smooth and profitable experience.

We help business owners:

  • ​Take back their valuable time

  • Train and retain their staff

  • Create memorable, and rave-worthy products

  • Look great doing it with remarkable branding

Operational Services
Save money and time with our vetted tools

Time-saving, cost-focused, process-oriented tools to get your company on track to spend less and make more.

Branding Services
Create a brand worth noticing

Branding is key in the stylish, fast-moving food world. Eye-catching packaging for CPG brands, compelling copy and talk-worthy menu designs are all hallmarks of a great brand. 

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Ghost kitchen expansion
Food court builds
Catering expansions

Modular Kitchens

That empower food service providers

A turnkey solution that checks all the boxes with controlled costs, quick installation and modern, commercial-grade equipment. Our shipping container kitchen manufacturing partner can show you how this new mode of kitchen creation can expand your operation quicker than conventional kitchen builds. Highlights:

  • Shipped pre-assembled and fully equipped

  • Delivered in a matter of weeks

  • Multiple proven kitchen floor plans

  • Manufactured to code in the USA

  • Full units starting at $136,000

Baking Layout

Our Happy Clients

​“Logan took the restaurant kitchen and turned it into a manageable operation, within weeks she had operation manuals and systems in place, organizing staff and putting new flare to the menus. What a pleasure it was learning and working with her.”

Ash Farrelly, Owner, The George Street Diner

Chef Logan Niles

Chef Logan Niles has worked in and around the food industry for 37 years. Having built and run successful food businesses after graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she's had first hand experience dealing with the challenges of this industry. The pandemic has impacted businesses deeply like few other times in decades. Current industry conditions are making it harder for business owners to stay sane and solvent. With a passion for product ideation, R&D work, and design Chef Logan originally created Blue Nile Consulting in 2008. BNC's goal is to help shorten the learning curve for startup and established food businesses while bringing fresh ideas to established companies by leveraging cutting edge technology to improve performance and growth.

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