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Amy Davies

Amy is the owner & design primary of Word Picture Ink. In addition to being an award-winning brand and packaging designer, Amy is a type nerd, pattern design diva, and color maven. Her clients speak highly of her innovation, clear communication, and market-proven design solutions. Also under the umbrella of Word Picture Ink is The Shop, an online marketplace of wearable + functional goods made to be your daily armor, start conversations and make bold statements.

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 1.47.18 AM.png

I met Amy at the FBomb Breakfast Club back in 2017. I had just created Pot Pie Factory and needed a photographer to shoot some first-time product shots for me that didn't involve me using my smartphone. I rented a kitchen for 2 hours and we got to work in what was a memorable and very fun experience. Amy was so easy to work with, and we kicked off a friendship immediately. When it came time to create actual brand assets to set Pot Pie Factory apart and create our first product boxes, Amy was the first person I called. What I loved the most about Amy is her immediate understanding of the exact look and feel I wanted in PPF's branding: a throwback to the iconic nature of pot pies as Americana comfort food with a touch of modern aesthetics. Not only did the pie flavor emblems work great for the product boxes, but we were also able to carry these simple designs over to the actual product and merch, making our brand immediately recognizable out in the world. 

PPF Stickers_watermark.png
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