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Content Writing Process Documentation &
Staff Retention

Does your business suffer from any of these pain points?

  • There is no standardized way of doing things (i.e. nothing is repeatable or scalable)

  • Your procedures aren't documented at all

  • Employee training and onboarding takes way too long

  • Employees aren't doing things the right way, consistently, in your company

  • No one is reading your employee manual, training materials, or policies

  • Your businesses' processes are unorganized and scattered everywhere - and it takes your team too long to find the information that they need

Average cost to train a new employee?

$1,678 per employee


We help you onboard your company with a dynamic, fun and easy to use training platform. This internal tool can be customized to fit your company's ethos, brand style and tone of voice. Our process tool has been trusted by thousands of small businesses in over 170+ countries to help them scale their systems and build their business playbook. Reach out to us to find out how we can help reduce staffing attrition, lower on-boarding costs and help boost your ROI.


Being the playbook for small businesses by becoming a one stop shop for all of a company's processes, procedures, and policies


Easily assigning out your company's content (like your handbook) to specific employees in your company. Set deadlines, track completion progress and  get notifications in real time when training tasks are finished


Putting all of your company's need-to-knows and important documents in one secure place, where staff can find what they need to do their jobs effectively


A 24/7 hub for all training questions and routines.  Easy to find information keeps teams aligned and accountable while allowing Managers to delegate digitally 


Providing 150+ free SOP and policy templates to small businesses to repurpose for their own use


Automate the entire training process with online materials. Add videos and memes to make training  easy to digest, and fun to go through. No more boring onboarding!

Solutions for all business sizes

Ideal customers range anywhere from 5 - 500 employees, as we're made for small and medium businesses.

Also ideal for:
  • Any organization that trains and hires for roles with repeatable processes 

  • Teams inside of larger organizations 

  • Volunteer training 

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