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Recipe Costing

With the increasing cost of goods since the pandemic it's more important than ever to understand the margins on the food you produce. We've partnered with Parsley software to help you drill down on the exact cost of the food items you produce (including packaging), track the shifting cost of ingredients and give you a clean, clear understanding of what you're spending per SKU and what your food costs and profits are. From single operations to a growing chain of locations, we can get your numbers dialed in and working for you.  

Costing Solutions

Flexible & Scaleable

For Single Location and Multi-Location Operations. Used by restaurants, prepared meal services, caterers, ghost kitchens, and for, grab-n-go, ghost kitchens and CPG

Cost Control & Production Plans

Platform understands your recipes, instantly calculates costs, and shows you how changes affect your bottom line. Cooking and prep instructions are created and scaled accurately and automatically.

Tiered Access Levels

Assign access levels based on your staff’s responsibilities. Read-only accounts for the kitchen, operations for production planning and purchasing, Inventory-only when needed.

Label Design & Printing

Label-template editor to design your labels, then use the templates to print labels for your grab-n-go items and your packaged meals.

Recipe Management & Nutrition Facts

All your recipes in one place, where you can manage, edit and scale them, and automatically get their nutrition facts and allergens. Read-only accounts for your staff and in the kitchen.

Inventory & Purchasing

Take inventory by location, shelf-to-sheet, or GL. Value is calculated automatically. Purchasing can be done based on pars or to forecast, with inventory subtracted.

Standard Online Integrations

Open API, standard app integrations, and data uploader provide you with multiple ways to connect to your suppliers, third party apps and customer-facing systems.

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